Volunteer for the TTF!

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the 2015-2016 TTF Board.  Please email Kim Brown at VPPrograms@trittfoundation.com if you are interested in one of the positions below. 

Annual Fund:
·      Manages Annual Fund execution
·      Works closely with VP – Fundraising to set strategy, communications and fundraising calendar
·      Responsible for forms, donations, prizes, magnets, donor database and fundraising statistics.
FAST Coordinator:
  ·      Organizes FAST programs, including coordination with vendors and promotion of programs, creation of FAST semester schedule.
·      Recruits and manages fundraising committee volunteers as necessary
·      Facilitates FAST class surveys for all participants, each class, each semester
Matching Gift & Corporate Grants:
·      Manages Matching Gifts & Grants program to increase the number of corporate matching gifts through various strategies (ie. collecting names of parents’ workplaces, follow-up with parents working for companies known to match, maintaining current list of local companies that match donations.
·  Investigate grants that are a good fit for Tritt and writes applications as necessary.

Communication Assistant:

·      Works with board members to effectively publicize events and TTF activities and produce communication materials as needed.

·      Implements strategy through various vehicles: Thursday memo, email campaigns, web site, bulletin board, school events and Principal’s messages.

It’s Square One Art Time! Oct. 21st-Nov. 1st (online orders through Nov. 1th)


The Tritt Tiger Foundation has once again teamed up with our outstanding art teacher, Mrs. McFerrin, to produce fantastic original works of art by all our students!  http://tritt.typepad.com/mcferrin/

Your child’s Foundation Square 1 Art order packet will be distributed starting October 15th. Each packet contains your child’s free stickers and information about how to order great products!

ONLINE ORDERING!—view your child’s art on products before ordering to make the very best

selections. Online order instructions are included in your child’s packet.

Go to: www.square1art.com/shop

Place orders October 15th through Nov. 1st 2014! Contact Beth Moore at square1art@trittfoundation.com.

New This Year:

  • iPad Case w/ Cover
  • iPad Case
  • iPad Mini Case
  • iPhone 4/4S or 5 Case
  • Galaxy S III Case
  • Fun Packs

Orders will be sent home the week of November 20th. These personal products make for great holiday gift giving! Please email square1art@trittfoundation.com with any questions.

Thank YOU!!

We want to thank all of our donors – our Tritt families, administrators, teachers, and staff for their incredible support of this year’s Tritt Tiger Foundation Annual Fund Campaign!

2014 magnet originalEach donor chose to invest in innovation at Tritt by supporting our campaign, and as of today, we have received donations/pledges of $87,434. We will meet our goal if all pledges are realized by February 13, 2015.

So, now what does your donation support at Tritt? 

  • The TTF’s mission is to focus on curriculum, technology, and capital improvements. 
  • The TTF is the sole source of funding for Tritt’s two computer labs and the science lab, plus the salaries of Jennifer Adamczyk, Tritt’s certified full-time science lab instructor and Courtney Pascual, Tritt’s part time, computer lab facilitator. Our students would not benefit from these labs if it were not for your donations to the TTF.  Our labs are essential in forming an innovative school and in preparing our students for the future.
  • The science lab is on the specials rotation and the students are very busy with hands on experiments! 5th grade is learning about Levee’s & the impact on Human Life.    4th grade is learning about Simple Machines: levers, wedges & inclined planes.   3rd grade is learning about fossils, creating imprints in clay.  2nd grade has been learning why we have the seasons.  1st grade is busy building rain shelters for their creatures and Kindergarten is learning about the way animals move.  Please be sure to check out the science lab’s blog http://www.saturatedinscience.com/ to see some pictures of your children in action.
  • The computer labs allow the students to utilize computer technology for curriculum based projects, and teachers can utilize and incorporate the computer labs as their schedule allows.
  • The TTF purchased additional iPad carts school wide so that this technology is used by our teachers on a daily basis to enhance and reinforce the core curriculum in the classroom.   In addition, the TTF is providing 1 designated computer or iPad for each classroom.
  • The innovation lab allows your child to experience hands on cutting edge technology every other week.  The TTF purchased 25 Netbooks, TVs, furniture, and other learning tools for the Innovation Lab.