TTF Annual Campaign Ends February 22nd

On behalf of the Tritt Tiger Foundation, thank you to everyone that has invested in the Foundation. Your support makes a difference in the education of every Tritt student.

OUTSTANDING PLEDGE DONATIONS: If you have an outstanding pledge, this is a courtesy reminder that all pledges are due on Friday, February 22, 2013In order for the Foundation to meet the budget for this year and to plan the budget for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year, we ask that you please fulfill your pledge by this date. You may pay by check, cash or credit card via PayPal at  If you have any questions regarding your pledge, please do not hesitate to email the TTF Annual Fund Co-Chairs, Shelly McClain and Danna Clary at


MATCHING GRANTS: If you have already made your donation, please check with your company or your spouse’s company to see if they will match your donations! Many people do not even realize that their company matches their donation until they ask! Most companies will match up to 100% of their employee’s donations! If you have any questions about company matching, please email the TTF Matching Grants Coordinator, Jennifer Bruder at


CONTEST DRAWINGS: Just a reminder, at the end of February all donations $400 and over will have a chance to win one of TWO TTF privileged parking spots to use for the rest of the school year! Donations $500 and up will receive an invitation to the High Investor Dinner (paid for and hosted by the TTF Board Members), and donations $1,000 and up will receive their name on our Friends of the Foundation Plaque. Donations from matching funds and from extended family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) count towards your family’s donation total!


ATTENTION ALL FIFTH GRADE FAMILIES!!! Families with fifth graders that donate to the TTF will be entered into a drawing to win one of TWO additional TTF Privileged Parking Spots for the last week of school!! To qualify, pledges must be fulfilled. If you have already made a donation, your name will be entered automatically.


Where does the money go?? Your donation to the TTF pays for the salary of a full-time, certified Science Lab Teacher, the salary of a part-time, certified Computer Lab Teacher, the salary of a full-time Paraprofessional Teacher, supplies and equipment for the Science Lab and the two computer labs, as well as helping to fund additional curriculum and capital improvements projects that the County does not provide.

Tritt is defined by the people who have chosen to become actively involved in excellent education. The Foundation gives our entire school community the opportunity to join together in creating a brighter future for all Tritt students.


Thank you!