Your investment in the TTF impacts each student at Tritt, helping to establish: The Foundation for STEAM Innovation.

The TTF is committed to supporting Tritt’s STEAM initiatives, especially up-to-date technology. In the past, the TTF purchased 230 iPads, but this technology is out-of-date and in need of replacement. 
Please read the letter below to discover how teachers and students at Tritt use state-of-the-art technology as tools. 

How Tritt teachers and students use technology: We currently have over 230 TTF funded iPads. These iPads have been distributed in sets so each classroom teacher receives 4-5 for student use, plus 1 iPad assigned to each teacher in an instructional or support position. Teachers receive in-house training throughout the year to learn to better embed technology into their everyday instruction. In addition to using iPads as resources to gather information through research, iPads are used, by students, to show their understanding of concepts taught in the classroom.


Our students become producers of technology to create digital works to present what they have learned; rather than acting as consumers of technology by playing games, and watching content produced by others. Understanding of content standards is easily demonstrated by our kindergarten students as they create PicWall presentations to take pictures of living and non-living items, which they sort, label, share and explain to peers and teachers. Our 5th graders become experts on locations of important historical events and use Thinglink to locate, identify, and label these locations.


You can find students in K-5 using SeeSaw to digitally communicate and collaborate with peers and teachers as they create pictures, voice recordings, videos, and text notes to share what they are learning and thinking. Apps like Doceri, Doodlebuddy, Skitch, PicStich, PiCollage, PicLab, Tellagami, Chatterkids, Popplet, Aurasma, Adobe Spark Video (and many more!) allow our students to create original digital works to demonstrate their understanding and learning. Apps like SpheroEdu, BeeBot, DaisytheDinosuar, The Foos, Kodable, Scratch, Lightbot, Cargobot, Tickle, and more, provide opportunities for our students to develop and strengthen block-based coding and programming skills, setting a foundation for a skill which can open an extensive variety of future career options. All of these apps require our students to be problem solvers, to think critically, to increase creativity, and generate opportunities for them to create rather than recall.


Alexa Dean, Former Innovation Specialist

Tritt Elementary

Tritt Teacher Testimonials

When I first came to Tritt, the TTF was new. Tritt was one of the first schools in Cobb County to have a foundation. I immediately saw the incredible benefits. Over time, the TTF has risen to the occasion every year with supporting our school through teachers, technology, and enrichment activities for our students. It is one of the key components that make our school one of the most sought-after in Georgia. Thank you TTF.

-- Jennifer Bosma, 3rd grade

Tritt would not be the wonderful place it is without the TTF. Our foundation is able to provide so many extra experiences, resources, and extensions of the curriculum that most schools never get exposure to. These extras are the things that make Tritt stand out and engage, excite, and prepare our students.

-- Molly Baer, 2nd Grade

The TTF contributions to our students' learning process are simply immeasurable; thankfully the TTF funds them for us and it is my hope that they will continue to do so!

-- Charis Swift, 4th Grade