The Importance of the TTF:

"At Tritt, technology is a strong focus in our goal of increasing 21st-century skills and strengthening our STEM initiatives. Our foundation (TTF) has played a significant role in supporting and funding the technology our students use every day in their classrooms. The constant changes in technology are exciting but create a need to keep resources updated. The TTF’s continued commitment to support and supplement these needs is only a reality because of your generous support."

                  -- Alexa Dean, former Tritt ES Innovation Specialist

What is supported

In the 2020-21 school year, the TTF will continue to fund the full-time Science Lab teacher,  support the STEAM initiatives, continue to provide requested technology, and assist the administrative team with other endeavors they recognize to benefit all students at Tritt Elementary School. 

The Tritt Tiger Foundation thinks that ALL Tritt teachers are SUPERHERO'S!  But only ONE can be the SCIENCE LAB SUPERHERO!


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Latest project

TAKE A LOOK at what our Tritt students are learning in the Science Lab! Building paintbrushes, creating emergency signal, testing the forces of flight, as well as learning about erosion, ecosystems, owl pellets and more!

Recent Announcements


Dear Tritt Families:


It would have been hard for me to ever imagine a year ago that at the start of this new school year we would be in such a state of flux. We are all eager to get back inside the halls of our beloved Tritt Elementary and we will adjust as best as we can to whatever challenges we face.  We will ultimately be together again.

This year is going to be different, but please know that the TTF’s (Tritt Tiger Foundation) primary mission this year is to make certain that we continue to provide the funding to support our full-time Science Lab teacher, Mr. Giunta, and other school needs that are not accounted for in our county or other organizational budgets. We have been assured that Mr. Giunta will continue to work with all our students virtually and we will continue to offer our support to the entire Tritt family. While we absolutely need your help in doing so, we want to stress that each family should participate in a manner that is appropriate for them. We fully acknowledge that times are difficult and we do not want to put any additional strain on families.

The TTF is funded by Tritt families, staff, friends, and corporate matching donations. The Annual Fund is the TTF’s primary fundraising campaign. The majority of our funding comes from our Annual Fund Campaign, held in the month of August. Investing in the TTF Annual Fund provides ALL Tritt students with an enriched education. Given the current restraints we face, this year’s Annual Fund Campaign will be 100% virtual, with online donations being accepted beginning July 17, 2020. Click here to donate: While we are certain you will all miss seeing us in our bright orange shirts, please know we are all working hard for you.

On behalf of the Tritt Tiger Foundation, we welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year, and hope all our families are staying healthy and well.

Dana Startt, TTF President 2020-2021

The Tritt Tiger Foundation would like to THANK YOU for all of your support for Tritt Elementary!

Tritt Elementary

Tritt PTA


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