Spring 2020 Parking Spot Spring Winners:

BRENNAN FAMILY: Hadley in Mrs. Kappel's class

GRAHAM FAMILY: Bianca in Mrs. Foote's class

The Importance of the TTF:

"At Tritt, technology is a strong focus in our goal of increasing 21st-century skills and strengthening our STEM initiatives. Our foundation (TTF) has played a significant role in supporting and funding the technology our students use every day in their classrooms. The constant changes in technology are exciting but create a need to keep resources updated. The TTF’s continued commitment to support and supplement these needs is only a reality because of your generous support."

                  -- Alexa Dean, former Tritt ES Innovation Specialist

What is supported

In the 2019-2020 school year, the TTF will continue to support the STEAM initiatives, fund the full-time Science Lab teacher, continue to provide requested technology, and fund training the entire faculty on reading and writing coursework.



Latest project


The 4th and 5th-grade students in Steady Paws MD got to dissect sheep brains as a culmination of all their studies this semester! A big thank you to Opal Patel (Krish and Anya's mom), without her expertise we could never have done it! 

Recent Announcements


The Tritt Tiger Foundation would like to THANK YOU for all of your support for Tritt Elementary!



Congratulations to the Colcord Family (Eva in Ms. Toomey's class and Levi in Ms. Paine's class) and the Shelton Family (Adelaide in Dr. Laushey's class) on being the grand prize winners... they were lucky enough to be surprised with pizza delivery from our very own Mrs. Carstens. Mr. Casey, and Mrs. Yates!

Thanks again to all families for investing in innovation with your donation to the foundation. Without the generosity and support of our investors, the TTF would not be able to provide an enriched science and technology education for Tritt students.

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