Foundation After School Time Program

F.A.S.T. (Foundation After School Time) Program offers over 25 classes every Spring and Fall. There’s something for every student including art, music, science, and physical activity. Vendors give back 15% of their proceeds to the TTF to assist in funding TTF initiatives.

92% of Tritt families strongly agree/agree their child looks forward to going to F.A.S.T classes.
F.A.S.T Class Descriptions
Advanced Art for Grades 3-5 with Mrs. McFerrin** 
Limited class size for students who want to experiment with art in a creative setting. This class always forms a great creative bond and is very inspiring. Always a pleasure to teach and so much fun! Work with a variety of supplies --- individual and group projects to include STEAM based art integration projects and see how art crosses into all subject areas. Lots of creativity and experimentation to encourage risk taking as well as improve art skills and technique. Drawing, painting, creative doodling, clay, collage and more! Fee includes ALL SUPPLIES.
Mrs. McFerrin has received recognition for outstanding art instruction over many years of loving art with students!

Cobb Soccer Academy 
Cobb Soccer Academy is designed for soccer players of all levels and abilities. The academy will be centered around developing players according to their stage of development and offering hands-on training. Sessions will focus on teaching technical skills such as moves, dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting. The focus will also be on teaching the attacking and defending principles of play.

The Coder School
The Coder School will be holding our ASP Code Club program this semester IN-PERSON at Tritt!  The kids join us each week as we teach them to code awesome games and apps in Scratch.  And this year we’re offering a special perk for the kids who attend our ASP program.  Each weekend we’ll host a Roblox gaming event in-person at our school or online for the kids to join and have fun with their classmates, the Roblox Game Night is included in the price too!  This should be a great Spring semester, The Coder School is here to help teach the next generation how amazing coding can be! Learn to code, change the world! 

DreamWeaver Dance 
Join Dreamweaver Dance Company this season as we partner with Tritt Elementary to bring you our dance program of EXCELLENCE! Our jazz and hip hop combo class is offered right here within the safety and convenience of Tritt Elementary School for one hour after school! Your dancer will learn, review, and add upon the basic fundamentals of dance as well as learn proper stretching and technique, and of course acquire a sense of TEAM SPIRIT! Dancers will need a black leotard and black tights as well as tan slip on jazz shoes and black and white low top converse sneakers. Boys will need black pants and a black shirt (preferably more form fitted). There will be a recital in May.

Flag Football for Grades 3-5 with Mr.Theriault**
If your child likes to compete and play football in a safer way, then flag football will help improve throwing, passing, and catching skills. Flag Football is a FAST class that will incorporate football skills in a fun and exciting way through skill development, football games, and team scrimmages. As long as your son or daughter loves to play football, register now!
This FAST class is typically just offered in Fall.

Fun with Art Exploration for Grades 1-2 with Mrs. McFerrin**
Have fun experimenting with different supplies, including drawing, painting, printing, collage, clay and sculpture. The goal is to focus on the art process with group and individual projects. . We will strengthen art skills with use of materials and techniques. Lots of fun in a group setting! The subject matter is always changing and will include seasonal themes! All projects are age appropriate and incorporate a STEAM cross curricular approach. Fee includes ALL SUPPLIES. 
Mrs. McFerrin has received recognition for outstanding art instruction over many years of loving art with students!

Girls on the Go for Grades 3-5 with Mrs. Anderson**
RUNNING, GAMES, FITNESS ACTIVITIES & FUN! Girls on the Go seeks to encourage, empower and inspire young girls through exercise and other team building activities. Our focus will be to improve all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional and social) through a variety of fun and engaging activities geared especially for them.

Green Paws with Mr. Guinta**
Green Paws is a 12-week afterschool class offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students will meet each week from 2:30pm-3:30pm in the Science Lab to discuss, plan, and share the results of gardening projects, cooking and tasting challenges, garden art, and STEAM & environmental studies lessons. We'll also go on hikes and play in the creek.
  ☆ Parent Feedback: My son LOVES his time in Green Paws. He always learns so much.
                                    Mr. Giunta goes above and beyond (just like he does during the day!)


Kidding Around Yoga with Siobhan Dolan
Kidding Around Yoga provides an amazing curriculum designed to motivate children to be active, build confidence, and manage the spectrum of emotions that they experience in their day-to-day activities. KAY is stress management for kids! Our Program incorporates cardiovascular conditioning, fun and original music, plus all the traditional benefits of yoga; breathing techniques, peace and deep relaxation.
  ☆ Parent Feedback: My daughter is so happy in yoga. She had learned a lot about it and she practices at home. 

Kid Chess 

Why Join the Tritt Kid Chess Club? Chess helps children succeed in life, and we make chess FUN! 
Chess is a gym for your brain:
- Chess Improves - decision making, grades, test scores, patience, and confidence.
- Kids Love It - Kid Chess is the most popular elementary after-school program in Atlanta.
- All Skill Levels - multiple kid friendly instructors facilitate learning at your child's pace.
- Convenient - right after school, and right here, on campus and in person.
Chess Makes You Smart, We Make it Fun!
  ☆ Parent Feedback: Our son has loved Kid Chess and tells us all about it each week!

Mini Muscles with Vincent Casey

Minister Of Muscle presents “Mini Muscles Bootcamp” for Grades 2 through 5. Minister of Muscle is proud to offer a program in which students learn the fundamentals of proper form and safety for a lifetime of fitness focusing on:
* Strength Training
* Agility/Speed
* Spots Conditioning
* Endurance
* Increasing Focus
This is a great way to break from the school day in a fun, safe environment that builds confidence and self-esteem. For 12 weeks, the cost is $240, and the results come with lots of smiles!

Mission Minecraft with Mrs. Pascual**
MISSION MINECRAFT is back once again! In this class, students in grades 1-5 use the 4 C's (creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking) to complete weekly challenges with their peers. Digital citizenship and social-emotional learning are always embedded in our builds. Space is limited. 
  ☆ Parent Feedback: We loved this class and appreciated the time Mrs. Pascual put into theming each week.

Musical Theatre  

Students signed up for Musical Theatre should plan on attending both Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30PM - 4:00pm. This FAST class is typically just offered in Fall.
 Parent Feedback: This was one of the best experiences my child has ever had in a F.A.S.T. class!

Play Day for Grades 3-5 with Mr. Theriault** and Mrs. Anderson** 
GAMES, SKILLS DEVELOPMENT and FUN! If your child loves all the games we play in P.E. like Pirate Ship, Star Wars, Bonkers, and games we can’t play in P.E. like Dodge Ball, then Play Day is the FAST class your child will LOVE! Play Day is a FAST class that will incorporate throwing, catching, teamwork, sportsmanship and much more! As long as your child loves to play games, register now!
  ☆ Parent Feedback: My son really looked forward to this class and had lots of fun! Thanks for having classes that give kids a chance to    
       participate in physical activities.


Reading Fluency for Grades 2-3 with Mrs. Friend** and Mrs. Smith**

This FAST class is for 2nd and 3rd graders who need additional support with reading fluency. Fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. Students will practice fluency skills by reading poems, comics, plays and playing multisensory games. This class is not intended for students reading above grade level. If you are not sure if this class is a good fit for your child, please consult with your child’s teacher.
  ☆ Parent Feedback: Reading Fluency has been a great support for our child. It has boosted her confidence and she loves her teachers.

Run Boys Run for Grades 3-5 with Mr. Theriault**
RUNNING, TEAMWORK, EXERCISE! Does your son like to run and play games? Run Boys Run is a running club that incorporates teamwork and running/ running games to help get your child fit and at the same time make running fun. As long as your son loves to run, register now!

SmArt Club with Kirsten Haley
Fun with Fine Art. Murals-Painting-Drawing-Pastel-Fine Art Trophies. A different project each week customized to each artist's creative ideas. Taught by professional local artists.
  ☆ Parent Feedback: Our son really enjoyed the smART F.A.S.T. Class and looked forward to it each week.

Spanish Club
We are thrilled to continue our Spanish enrichment after-school program! We are a well-established, Cobb County foreign language enrichment program. Classes are taught by creative and enthusiastic Spanish teachers. We create a productive and fun learning environment, where the children have an opportunity to build a strong vocabulary in different units and establish basic language skills.  Children previously enrolled in the program will be introduced to new content and challenged with new curriculum. We provide needed materials and supplies for all students.

Tiger Beats for Grades 3-5 with Mrs. Yunek**
Tiger Beats is a percussion ensemble for 3rd - 5th graders. Students will learn to excel on a variety of percussion instruments including drums, xylophones and even bucket drums! As a group, we will explore, improvise and create through games and activities. The pieces we work on will be performed for parents, students and teachers at multiple events for our school and community. This is a 12-week class and is offered both semesters. Each semester/year is always a new experience with new music and activities. New and returning members are always welcome! 

Tiger Beats, Jr. for Grades 1-2 with Mrs. Yunek** 
Tiger Beats, Jr. is a percussion class for 1st and 2nd graders. Students will develop skills for a variety of accessory percussion instruments, drums and xylophones. The class is all about exploring, improvising and creating through games and activities. This all culminates in a performance for parents at the end of the semester. This is a 12-week class and is offered both semesters. Each semester/year is always a new experience with new music and activities. New and returning members are always welcome!

Tiger Publishing with Mrs. Pascual**
Publishing is a FAST class for fourth and fifth graders spanning 24 weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Students will meet each week to take part in creating Tritt's 2022-2023 yearbook by taking photographs of events, interviewing students for stories, creating quotes and polls, assisting in planning the overall design of the yearbook, marketing it for profitability, and managing its distribution. This experience will allow for opportunities of leadership, teamwork, and creativity across grade levels. Additionally, students will have opportunities to work with experts in the STEAM fields of photography, graphic design, digital layout, copyrighting, and marketing. Fee includes a Tritt yearbook and yearbook t-shirt.

Tiger Typing with Mrs. Pascual**
Now more than ever, students need to be able to type quickly and accurately for a variety of purposes. Tiger Typing 2.0 is a twelve-week course offered in both the fall and spring semesters for second through fifth graders. The class focuses on the basics of learning key location, utilizing the correct fingers on a QWERTY keyboard, and improving both typing accuracy and speed through a variety of typing games and programs.  In addition to keyboarding, students also learn basic word processing/productivity skills in Office 365 and basic coding (block and text-based) through Sphero robots. 

Word Play for Grades 1-2 with Mrs. Friend** and Mrs. Smith**
This FAST class is for first and second graders class follow the Science of Reading structured literacy approach. Students will receive direct phonics instructions then they will break out into small groups or pairs to play multisensory games applying the skills taught. This class is not intended for students reading above grade level. If you are not sure if this class is a good fit for your child, please consult with your child’s teacher.


Please note schedules and pricing are subject to change. All classes are 2:30-3:30pm, except Musical Theater and SmArt Club running from 2:30-4:00pm. Students must be enrolled in face to face learning, registered for ASP and present for the school day to attend a FAST class. Kindergarteners are not eligible for FAST classes until Spring semester.

** This class is taught by a Tritt Teacher. 

 Feedback comes from end-of-class surveys completed by participants' parents. Not all classes provide feedback, and some do have any yet as they are new to Tritt students.

FAST classes are organized and supported by the Tritt Tiger Foundation. Please direct any questions or concerns about FAST classes directly to the vendor or to the Tritt Tiger Foundation FAST team: fast@trittfoundation.com.